“I know war as few other men now living know it, and nothing to me is more revolting. I have long advocated its complete abolition, as its very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a method of settling international disputes.”
-Gen. Douglas MacArthur (if you don’t know who he was shame on you)

Every time I see McCain on TV, spitting his hatred while he drools for Bush’s table scraps, I am completely confused.

So of course, he is a great hero, he survived an amazing ordeal in his life and I applaud him for his tenacity and his will to live. It is a story that is hard to read.

But I am still completely confused. Why does he advocate war so much? Why does he want to send young, innocent American men and women over to a country that WAS PROVEN to never be a threat to our security, just to go through the same sort of mind numbing destruction of the human psyche that is war.

I have been to war. I have had bullets and shrapnel fly over my head. I’ve seen fathers of young children robbed of their lives because of someone else’s insane agenda. I served as a medic in Iraq for two tours. I had the “privilege” of witnessing the total dark and evil destruction that George Bush and his cronies pumped into a nation that had nothing to do with the threat to our country or way of life. I could never put into words the kind of frustrations, anxieties and fear I live with everyday after coming home.

So I wonder everyday: How can John McCain stand on a stage and say that this war should go on for 100 years and not shudder from his own memories?

 I never was tortured, I never had to spend five years as a prisoner. But I know that I would never wish MY experiences upon anyone. I would never wish upon anyone the paranoia and anxiety that I live with everyday. I would never wish for anyone to have to stare deep into the dark red evil eyes of death, because despite what some veterans say, and what our media tries to tell us, war is never glamorous, and should be avoided at all, all, all, all, all costs.

So all in all, I disagree with McCain. I am a veteran and I disagree with McCain. I am truly baffled that he or any veteran would ever want to support or continue war. McCain likes to say Obama is out of touch with America on Iraq because he hasn’t been there in two years. I say McCain is out of touch with America on Iraq because he wants to continue it for 100 years.

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