McCain-Bush Big Oil Giveaway Cost 2,600 Janesville Jobs

The more than 100 percent hike in gas prices under the Bush administration continues to take a devastating toll on Wisconsin families — the latest casualties are 2,600 family-supporting jobs at Janesville’s General Motors plant.

According to the Capital Times, “The unprecedented rise in gasoline prices helped put 2,600 General Motors employees out of work in Janesville.” The Janesville plant was first opened in 1919 and will close as early as the end of 2009.

No word yet John McCain, who visited Wisconsin last week, if he will end his support to give another $3.8 billion in tax breaks for big oil. This is on top of $5 billion in tax breaks for big oil he already supported while serving as a rubber stamp for the failed economic policies of the Bush administration.

Perhaps Janesville’s Paul Ryan, the McCain-Bush cheerleader featured so prominently last week, will hear from his constituents about just how effective those tax cuts for big oil have been. But considering the message from all these Washington insiders is “stay the course,” none of the workers, nor their families who are being shown the door because of $4-gallon gas prices should hold their breath.

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