McCain Court Records: The Stuff in My Garage Is More Valuable Than Your Life

A story has been popping around the internets about a lawsuit John McCain’€™s mom filed against his first wife back in 1980.

While this tale may at long last make the story of McCain leaving his injured first wife to court the millionaire beer baroness to whom he is now married of interest to the media ‘€“ in the same way Jeremiah Wright’€™s image was omnipresent for weeks, what would be great it’€™ll bring up how hypocritical McCain is when it comes to so-called tort reform.

Included in the story of McCain’€™s mom’€™s lawsuit is about another lawsuit filed by McCain against a property-management company which unknowingly threw out some McCain family heirlooms from a garage the family co-rented.

According to the court records, McCain sued for $1 million dollars in punitive damages due to the loss of his basement belongings.

This is extraordinary. After all, this is the same John McCain who voted to push forward legislation which would put caps on ‘€œnon-economic and punitive damages in medical malpractice suits.’€

There you have it. John McCain thinks it’€™s okay he get $1 million as punitive damages if you throw away his bronze booties or whatever he had stashed away in the cellar. But if you want punitive damages because you were the victim of grievous medical malpractice, that would have been capped at $250,000.

If John McCain had his way.

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