McCain Earmark Grandstanding Doesn’t Apply to Corporate Pork

After seven years of Republican-control in Washington, DC, the orgy of special interest spending, led by Bush and McCain’s abominable Iraq policy, has plunged the country into a $9 trillion debt.

John McCain, the “stay the course Senator,” wants to end federal earmarks. It’s all in the timing, I suppose. I fail to recall McCain seeking a permanent ban on earmarks when his party called all the shots.

We found out just the other day that McCain, who wants to now extend the ridiculous Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, is also calling for a ginormous corporate tax break — $100 billion earmark to corporate America by slashing the corporate rate from 35 percent to 25 percent.

When you’re handing out a five-year goody bag of special interest tax breaks of half a trillion dollars, who needs earmarks to make their corporate constituents happy?  

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