McCain Out of Touch with Women

Today is the 88th anniversary of women winning the right to vote. Eighty-eight years after women getting the equality to vote, John McCain still does not think that women deserve equal pay. McCain, like George W. Bush, has the wrong policies for America’€™s women and for struggling families. Even just a brief look at his record reveals that on the issues that matter most to women, John McCain is totally out of touch.

John McCain actually fought equal pay legislation by opposing the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which would have made it easier for women and other workers to pursue pay discrimination claims. At a town hall meeting, a brave 14-year old girl confronted McCain about his opposition to equal pay and he responded by actually saying that the equal pay legislation wouldn’€™t do anything to help the rights of women.

Other issues that are very important to women are practical everyday issues that affect their families. Things like struggling to pay the rising costs of food, gas and healthcare. John McCain’€™s economic plan ignores the real needs of the average women and her family and instead focuses on massive tax cuts to corporations like Big Oil and Big Insurance companies.

Rather than promoting a plan that gives access to the same great healthcare plan that he gets as a U.S. Senator, McCain prefers to leave women and their families at the mercy of greedy insurance companies. His plan actually raises costs, does nothing for the uninsured and threatens the 158 million Americans that get their health care through their jobs. As if all of that is not enough, McCain also has a long and very extreme record on women’€™s health issues.

The bottom line, after all of the political maneuvering is over, is when it comes to all of the major issues that affect the everyday lives of women and their families, John McCain has proven to be totally out of touch.

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