McCain Really Does Need More Education

John McCain has been little more than a rubber stamp for the failing George W. Bush economy. Perhaps this is the reason that he has such a hard time bringing himself to admit that this economy has been very hard on the average American. June was the latest time where John McCain claimed that, ‘€œthe fundamentals of the economy are very strong. Very strong.’€ Who exactly was he trying to convince with that statement, himself or the many working families that know different? In June this ‘€œvery strong’€ economy lost another 62,000 jobs, making it the sixth straight month of negative job growth.

The Bush economy has been a boon for the wealthiest in our nation. John McCain is one of the richest members of the U.S. Senate, but could he really be so out of touch with the average person? Since when is massive job loss a sign of a ‘€œstrong economy?’€ It looks like John McCain was right, he really does need more education on the economy.

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