McCain’s Education Plan: All Teachers Left Behind

McCain Marks National Teachers' Day by Waging War on School Funding

MILWAUKEE — Sen. John McCain says “there is no equal opportunity without equal access to excellent education,” but this is just another example of the “Double Talk Express.” McCain is waging war on education through stripping teachers of the very tools they need to educate our youth. Most unsettling – his planned freeze on spending which would slash $10 billion in grants to local education agencies.

Here are just a few examples of his double talk:

*McCain’s Plan Would Cut Over $10 Billion From Federal Grants To Local Educational Agencies. According to the National Education Association, McCain’s plan to freeze discretionary spending would reduce authorized federal grants to local educational agencies by $10,695,099,000. [NEA, Report on Fifty State Impact of McCain Discretionary Freeze]

*McCain said in an interview he would continue the failing “No Child Left Behind” program which has shortchanged Wisconsin $600 million. [One Wisconsin Institute Now, 9/07; NEA]

*McCain Voted Against Funding 100,000 New Teachers to Reduce Class Sizes. In 2001, McCain voted against an amendment to authorize a federal program to assist states and local educational agencies in recruiting, hiring and training 100,000 teachers in an effort to reduce class sizes. Amendment rejected 48-50. [S 1, Vote #103, 5/15/01]

*McCain Opposed Increasing Funding for Teacher Training Programs. In 2003, McCain voted against an amendment to provide for an additional $437 million for teacher quality programs. The amendment was rejected 43-51. [HR 2660, Vote #343, 9/10/03]

*McCain Failed to Vote for Recruiting and Developing Quality Teachers. Over the next 10 years, we will need more than 2 million new teachers to teach the record number of elementary and secondary students. McCain voted against providing targeted funds to improve teacher quality and expand professional development for teachers. Amendment failed 39-60. [S 1134, Vote #25, 3/2/00]

“John McCain’s education scheme punishes our children, our good teachers and our schools through drastic cuts that will stifle our children’s ability to achieve,” said One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross. “Wisconsin students, parents and teachers cannot endure John McCain’s assault on education.”

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