McCain’s “Missing” Records

Senator John McCain has talked about the need for transparency in government but his own actions have not lived up to his rhetoric. When McCain finally released his tax documents he only included two years. He also failed to release his wife’€™s tax information even though she holds most of the family’€™s wealth. As evasive as John McCain has been with his financial records, he has been just as secretive about his medical information.

Voters deserve to have all the information about a candidate before they make a decision. It is not out of line to expect what would be the oldest president ever elected to release his medical records. Then add the fact that McCain is a survivor of an aggressive form of skin cancer, and the release should be a no-brainer. Yet, just like releasing his tax records, McCain has been delaying this transparent act for months.

The New York Times wrote an editorial over the weekend about John McCain’€™s stonewalling on his tax and medical records. In it they comment that ‘€œthe extent of a candidate’€™s candor is a good measure of how candid he or she will be in the White House.’€ If that is the case, McCain’€™s continual problems with ‘€œmissing’€ records might be more problematic than they now appear.

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