McIlheran Attacked Obama’s Experience, Calls Johnson’s Lack of Experience “Refreshing”

Just two short years ago, Two years ago Patrick McIlheran was railing against Barack Obama’s alleged lack of experience, in a column entitled, “For President, I’d Go With Experience”:

I’ll put it simply: Judgment is formed by experience. Obama has little and asks us to trust him anyhow.

McCain, by contrast, has a record you can judge.

Obama seems like a bright fellow. Someday, he might achieve such understanding. Until then, I’d trust the guy who seems to know what he’s doing.

Two years later, right here in Wisconsin, comes a guy who, if elected, would be the least experienced Senator in Wisconsin history and McIlheran is celebrating him in a glowing column entitled, “An Amateur Getting Up To Speed,” saying:

It’s the look of a guy who didn’t plan his life around winning office. It’s refreshing to see.

McIlheran, also extols the virtues of Johnson, who “spent the summer learning” about the issues, instead of “buttonholing the Wisconsin voters” and “interupting them to politick”— like those nasty “career politicians” that just care about votes!  (Is he talking about Sensenbrenner and Petri?)

To be fair, McIlheran wasn’t the only conservative harping about Obama’s lack of experience. Rick Esenberg complained that would “be the least experienced – and therefore least-known – person ever nominated for president by a major political party.”  Now, of course, Esenberg is silent on Johnson’s lack of experience.

Gosh, who knew that political fortunes of inexperience would change so dramaticly?  I hope they don’t get their hands on my five year old son. He’s REALLY inexperienced and knows alot less about the issues than Ron Johnson— the perfect candidate!

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