Media Darling GOPaul Ryan — Don’t Take My Rich Guy Tax Breaks Away

Sudden media economic darling Paul Ryan was on CNBC this morning.

Before going forward, if you haven’t watched last night’s Daily Show analysis of the utter and complete failure of CNBC to do anything other than give bad financial tips and suck up to corporate CEOs, go to and watch it.

It starts with a drubbing of frothing moron turned cowardly dodger Rick Santelli. And goes into just how terrible CNBC was perpetuating the lack of oversight and awful advice which help lead to our nation’s GOP-managed economic implosion.On this morning’s Squawk Box program, host Joe Kernan and some fill-in whose name I failed to register allowed Ryan to offer his yammering complaints about President Obama’s efforts to undo the complete and chaotic failure that Ryan’s budget smarts made a reality.

Ryan, who as OWN will continue to point out, voted for eight straight GOP budgets from 1999 to 2006 which hiked spending $1.7 trillion to $2.8 trillion and handed our treasury over to those in top 1 percent, y’know, millionaires like Paul Ryan.

His whiny complaint today: ending the disastrous Bush tax cuts for the wealthy would end the orgy of dividend and capital gains cuts for those at the top of the economic food change.

In other words, guys like Paul Ryan. Not like the vast, vast majority of middle class families.

Paul Ryan is the ranking member for Republicans on the House Budget Committee. His hypocrisy given his previous eight budget votes perfectly characterizes Congressional Republicans who have no ideas other than, “Let’s do the same shit again that put us in the poor house.”

What’s the new idea that Ryan is offering that somehow warrants his increase media exposure? What’s the alternative other than “Don’t end the Bush tax cuts which screwed America?”

As long as the media inside and outside of Wisconsin refuse to ask Ryan how he has any credibility given his eight straight GOP budget votes, the credibility of the media outside, but most importantly, inside Wisconsin will suffer.

Again, One Wisconsin Now challenges Ryan to explain which of the eight straight federal budgets he voted for was a mistake. We dare him to explain to the people of Wisconsin.

Eight straight budgets.

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