Media Debunks Gableman’s Resume

Mike Gableman has been touting his crime prosecuting prowess. While on the loathsome Vicki McKenna’s show in December (fyi — she called OWN “soulless”), Gableman said, ‘€œI did prosecute everything from child sexual assault cases, arson cases, white collar crime, and domestic abuse.’€

But two media outlets have analyzed Gableman’s claims, which are currently being echoed by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and that Club for Growth, and it’s raising serious questions about whether Gableman is a serious serial resume-padder.

Reread Gableman’s quote above and then consider these conclusions from the media fact checks:

‘€¢ Of Gableman’€™s ‘€œ19 felony child abuse cases’€¦ only one was sentenced to prison time.’€ ‘€“ WISC-TV, 3/7/08

‘€¢ Gableman has ‘€œonly prosecuted one arson case, which was ordered an acquittal.’€ ‘€“ WISC-TV, 3/7/08

‘€¢ Gableman’€™s actual handling of any white collar crime is ‘€œup for debate.’€ ‘€“ WISC-TV, 3/7/08

‘€¢ Gableman ‘€œhas won only one felony jury prosecution in his entire career.’€ ‘€“ Shepherd-Express, 3/12/08

Only one successfully prosecuted jury case? Only one arson case and he lost it? It shouldn’t be surprising this gang is guilty of overstating Gableman’s credentials.

They’ve proven they’ll say and do whatever is necessary to make the Supreme Court a rubber stamp for corporate interests. Now that independent media fact checks have show Gableman’€™s supporters’€™ massive advertising campaign is false, the ads should be pulled down immediately.

No wonder Gableman avoided the application process for his Burnett County job ‘€“ he didn’t want his resume fact-checked.

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