Mentions of ‘Washington’ Equal ‘Wisconsin’ in Gov. Walker’s Election Night Speech

Where Does Governor's Focus Lie as State Faces Budget Deficit and Economy Continues to Lag?

MADISON, Wis. — In his election night speech after narrowly being re-elected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker mentioned “Washington” as much as “Wisconsin”. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross noted Walker’s eleven-minute speech in which he mentioned Wisconsin ten times, Washington nine times and America twelve times was a stunning display that Wisconsin’s Governor has already moved on to his next electoral objective.

“Within hours of the polls closing in Wisconsin, Gov. Walker’s speech suggests he’s already positioning himself for a 2016 presidential run,” said Ross. “But the serious public policy issues facing Wisconsin aren’t going to be solved with thirty second attack ads or glib speeches.”

A review of Walker’s speech in which he made no mention of any specific agenda items for his next term found that he said “Wisconsin” ten times, “Washington” nine times and “America” twelve times.

Unfortunately for everyone in Wisconsin that is not a Walker campaign consultant, there are significant policy challenges that could use the attention of an engaged chief executive. The state has lagged most of the nation on jobs and making a recovery from the Great Recession, the policies of Gov. Walker and the GOP controlled legislature have created a deficit in the upcoming budget that could exceed $4 billion and nearly one million Wisconsinites are burdened with over $18.2 billion in federal student loan debt alone.

Ross concluded, “Gov. Walker has spent his time appealing to the Tea Party and shaking down big dollar donors across the country, leaving Wisconsin lagging on jobs and facing a gaping budget deficit. He has choice to make – will he lead Wisconsin or continue to follow his political ambitions?”

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