Michelle Litjens: the Fox Valley’s Convenient Christian

Wisconsin homes are getting an interesting robo-call from Assembly Republican sheep team member Rep. Michelle Litjens.


Enjoy the noxious hyperbole and sanctimony and then we’ll talk more:

This is Michelle Litjens, I’m a Republican state representative from the Fox Valley.  Recently, a Democrat legislator threatened my life on the floor of the Capitol.  He apologized later, and as a Christian I moved on.

But it demonstrates the divisiveness created by public union bosses who have interfered with our legislative process.

Now these same public union bosses are trying to take over control of our Wisconsin Supreme Court. I commend Justice David Prosser, a judicial conservative, for his proven record of deciding each case on the merits not the dictates of a special interest group.

Let Justice David Prosser know that you agree with him that justice should be based on the merits, not the special interests.

So, here are my thoughts of this call, which was paid for by the Illinois-based PatrioticVeterans.org, whoever they are.

First of all, no one threatened her life. A state legie yelled something in her direction when he was outraged about the nonsense they pulled and their illegal vote in the middle of the night in the Wisconsin Assembly (not to be confused with the illegal vote in the Senate). So, get over yourself.

Second, on the tossing of the “as a Christian” card. If you’re so outraged about the conduct of your colleague, then why aren’t you mortified by the fact that David Prosser, who you are endorsing and who you are supporting with this irritating robo-call, he screamed at Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson that she is a “total bitch” and that he was going to “destroy her”?

Third, if “as a Christian” you “moved on,” why are recording a paid robo-call by some non-Wisconsin outfit that’s so fly-by-night it doesn’t even have a website?

Lastly, defending someone who refused to prosecute a pedophile priest who went on to molest others is not the Christian thing to do. And it raises the question: Why does Michelle Litjens want pedophile priests to get away with molesting children? It’s a question I’ll be asking myself for the next few days: Why does Michelle Litjens want pedophile priests to get away with molesting children? After all, if union leaders are responsible for a colleague yelling something on the floor of the Assembly, then by your logic, we can hold you also responsible for failing to make sure that a pedophile priest was imprisoned for molesting children.

Bottom line: This robo-call is a smoke screen to try and divert attention from issues of Prosser’s infamous temper highlighted in One Wisconsin Now’s “Prosser’s Abuse Conduct Troubling” video. It’s been seen almost 15,000 times since we put it up and if you like it, help us spread the word.

But back to the Convenient Christian. Here’s what we’ll do, gentle readers, we’ll try and get Litjens on the record answering these questions, particularly why Michelle Litjens doesn’t want pedophile priest to be prosecuted for molesting children, and then we’ll report back.

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