Milw. Assistant DA Bruce Landgraf: Making Voter Fraud a “Reality”


Five people remain under investigation for casting an improper ballot on Election Day in Milwaukee County.

Five. Out of nearly 500,000 votes cast.

And the crusade to criminalize voting continues. The de-facto leader this time around? Milwaukee County Assistant DA Bruce Landgraf. Despite the lack of any substantiated evidence of a ‘€œwide-spread conspiracy’€ to commit voter fraud and contrary to every non-partisan study about voter fraud that consistently debunk conservative claims of voter fraud, ‘€œleaders’€ like Landgraf and Wisconsin AG JB Van Hollen continue to try any means necessary to trump up charges of voter fraud in a wide-spread conspiracy to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin voters.

Yesterday, Landgraf upped the ante. Now, it appears, pure conjecture and speculation are considered legitimate investigative tactics. Landgraf told that it is ‘€œprobable that some additional cases [of voter fraud] could surface.’€

This from the same law enforcement official who worked closely with self-appointed Voter Fraud Czar Van Hollen to lead the Election Fraud Taskforce in the run up to November. The same Taskforce that refused to investigate REAL and SUBSTANTIAL instances of the McCain campaign and the Republican Party of Wisconsin’€™s attempts to confuse and intimidate voters in Wisconsin. As One Wisconsin Now reported, the McCain campaign and RPW mailed hundreds of thousands of absentee ballot applications to Wisconsinites that were improperly addressed and sent to the wrong municipal clerks’€”creating chaos and confusion in a system already taxed by huge voter turnout.

And while JB’€™s frivolous and partisan disenfranchisement lawsuit was thrown out by the courts before any damage could be done, Landgraf continues his crusade of speculation free from worry about intervention from the courts to stop the silliness.

Wisconsin continues to rank at or near the top in voter turnout’€”we were #2 this time around. A thriving democracy indeed, largely due to the ease at which Wisconsinites are allowed to participate. We don’€™t have to show ID. We can register on Election Day. And there’€™s NO VOTER FRAUD HERE, as has been proven again and again.

But law enforcement officials like Van Hollen and Landgraf don’€™t seem interested in applying the law when their conservative cronies are caught red-handed. Instead, they continue to lurch forward with the voter fraud myth in an attempt to pass voter ID and other laws that would make it harder for us to vote. Landgraf’€™s speculation that he ‘€œjust might find some voter fraud after all’€ despite all the evidence to the contrary is just one more sad grab for straws that just aren’€™t there.

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