Milw Co. government hopeless? Blame falls at Walker’s feet.

A prominant Milwaukee business leader garnered a story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel yesterday for calling for the dismantling of Milwaukee County’s governemnt at a Rotary Club meeting.

While I fail to see why a conservative calling for the dismantling of government is news, the story did reveal that a new study will be coming out in January from the Public Policy Forum that “will analyze the problems the county faces in providing some key services.” You might remember some of these: the mismanaged call center and state takeover of public assistance programs, child care services fraud, the House of Correction crisis, just to name a few.

Each of these massive failures were in part the result of mismanagement or ineptitude by Scott Walker and his administration, yet Sheldon Lubar, a former president and chairman of Charlie Syke’s ultra right-wing Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, is putting the blame on the board, workers and unions — the same groups Walker has scapegoated in budget after budget, and is threatening to continue doing so if elected governor.

Sheldon Lubar is living in a different universe (one apparently solely populated by Scott Walker and their rich friends) if he thinks a lack of leadership, continual underfunding and depriortizing of vital public services that created all of these failures is the fault of the county’s workers.

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