Minnesota Governor’s One Word Record: ‘Paw-thetic’

Budget Mismanagement Skyrockets Property Taxes Over 70 Percent Since He Took Office

MILWAUKEE — Minnesota Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty is making his second trip of the summer to Wisconsin – this time for a pair of Milwaukee and Madison fundraisers for Sen. John McCain at $1,000-a-couple. Given his abysmal record for Minnesotans, One Wisconsin Now is suggesting Pawlenty might want to spend his time instead trying to fix the mess he has made in the Gopher State.

“Under Gov. Tim Pawlenty Minnesota’s property taxes are up, housing foreclosures are up and the number of schools in crisis is up,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Since 2002, Minnesota property taxes have exploded 70 percent.”

Pawlenty’s Failed Record for Minnesota:

Pawlenty promised not to raise taxes, but has admitted himself that his budgets have caused property taxes in Minnesota to go up by 70 percent since he took office. [Sticker Shock, Minnesota 2020, 2/10/2008; Star Tribune, 3/30/03]

Pawlenty’s tenure has not only resulted in higher taxes, but also in more overcrowded classrooms and roads in Minnesota are in the worst state they’ve been in for decades. [Sticker Shock, Minnesota 2020, 2/10/2008; Star Tribune, 7/4/06; Legal Ledger, 6/23/05]

Pawlenty’s signature job creation project – JOBZ (pronounced job-zee) was
completely panned by an independent auditor as useless, and a waste of money. [Star Tribune, 2/8/08]

Pawlenty vetoed a bill that would have helped hundreds of families facing home foreclosure, despite Minnesota having some of the worse mortgage foreclosure rates in the country. [Star Tribune, 5/29/08]

Pawlenty even vetoed a bill that would have made baby bottles safer. [Minnpost, 5/13/08]

“There is serious work needed to end the economic crisis caused by the failed policies of George Bush and John McCain,” said Ross. “Tim Pawlenty seems to believe the solution is to take more money out of the pockets of hard-working families.”

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