Misleading Ryan Narrative Continues

Last week Republican Congressman Paul Ryan scored some press coverage by unveiling his annual ‘€œBudget Boondogle Awards.’€  The coverage included a blurb in the state’€™s largest newspaper, complete with a comparison to the late Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire. 

 Once again Paul Ryan is being given a pass, playing the role of an authority on sound budgeting but having a record of repeatedly supporting budgetary disaster.


As we pointed out in the recent past, Ryan voted in favor of every single federal budget-joining the then-Republican majority in increasing the federal budget by $1 trillion.  The Capital Times has also pointed out that he voted for defense authorization measures that were filled with massive earmarks and other pork barrel spending. 


Perhaps Paul Ryan has changed his budgetary ways, but until he demonstrates a consistent record in this area, he should not be able to rewrite his voting history.   Portraying him as a strict ‘€œfiscal conservative’€ or some kind of budget hawk, without referencing his budgetary failures is misleading and inaccurate.   Such stories turn the narrative of Paul Ryan into a complete work of fiction. 

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