Missing’ Egelhoff Extremist Blog Available at OWN’s ‘FoxPoliticsRevealed.com’

Disturbing Positions Seen in Nearly 180 Hidden Posts

MILWAUKEE, WI — After media reports revealed former Appleton City Council member Jo Egelhoff had removed the library of blog posts she had written from the “Fox Politics” website she owns, One Wisconsin Now managed to retrieve nearly 180 posts and have cataloged the extremist and often-disturbing full library at www.FoxPoliticsRevealed.com.

“One Wisconsin Now is happy to provide people with the opportunity to read the extremist views Jo Egelhoff tried to hide,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “FoxPoliticsRevealed.com is an unsettling walk through Jo Egelhoff’s extremist mind, whether it’s supporting big oil, increasing class sizes and ending early education for our kids, spiking help for veterans, slashing family planning and applauding George Bush’s veto of children’s health care funds.”

Until now, just a handful of the millionaire blogger’s posts had been resurrected, including: criticizing “gas price whiners,”calling Social Security, Medicare and SeniorCare “giveaways” and “charity,” bemoaning why “must I fund for the benefit of my neighbor,” supporting a 50 percent in shared revenue and pulling cops off the streets. FoxPoliticsRevealed.com shows even more of these extremist views, such as:

Supporting ‘Big Oil’: “One thing I am pretty sure about is that nobody’s gouging anybody – and it’s about time we stop blaming ‘big oil.’” [5/9/2007]

Increasing Class Sizes and Ending Four-Year-Old Kindergarten: “In a piece last week, I suggested we begin by eliminating 4-year-old kindergarten…As long as we’re talking about schools and being controversial, how about the SAGE program that provides for classes with no more than 15 students?” [3/21/2008]

Spiking Veterans’ Benefits: “Of course, in papers – and minds – throughout the state, it’s tuition benefits for veterans. Yes, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our vets. But even that commitment cannot be allowed to break the bank.” [6/15/2007]

Slashing Family Planning: “The State of Wisconsin must not squander any more tax dollars on ‘family planning’ services.” [9/19/2007]

Applauding Bush Children’s Health Care Funding Veto: “President Bush’s veto of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Doing exactly the right thing for America and for America’s children.” [10/5/2007]

“If you support something good and decent, millionaire Jo Egelhoff’s blog calls it a waste of her tax dollars,” said Ross. “No wonder she hoped we’d forgotten about it.”

One Wisconsin Now’s review of Egelhoff’s extremist blog continues and will continue to highlight her most offensive and noxious writings in the coming days.

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