“Mission Accomplished” Five Years Later

Thursday May 1 will mark the five year anniversary of President Bush declaring an end to ‘€œmajor combat operations in Iraq.’€ All of Wisconsin’€™s fatalities in the war occurred after Bush’€™s infamous speech. Nationally, 97 percent of the more than 4,050 Americans killed in Iraq also came after ‘€œMission Accomplished.’€

A coalition of concerned Wisconsinites will host an event in the State Assembly Parlor, Wednesday, April 30 at 10:00a.m. to commemorate the endless Iraq war and the five year anniversary of George Bush’€™s ‘€œMission Accomplished’€ speech.

Speakers will include the following:

Ryan Nofsinger, Two-term Iraq Veteran and member of VoteVets.org

Jane Jensen, Founder, Military Families for Peace and Military Family Compassion Groups

Robert Kraig, Director of Program, Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Scot Ross, Executive Director, One Wisconsin Now

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