MJS: “Talk is cheap; don’t suppress state’s votes”



We all know requiring folks to present a photo ID before they are allowed to vote is an expensive solution to a problem that doesn’t exist — not to mention, fairly undemocratic. Editorial boards across the state have been giving the GOP’s “21st Century Poll Tax” due criticism; the latest comes from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Photo ID advocates say the measure isn’t about voter suppression. We say: Prove it.

The paper goes on to bulletpoint same-day registration, automatic voter registration, and an Election day failsafe as measures that could thwart Voter ID voter suppression. Interestingly, same-day registration and automatic vote registration have been targets of GOP and Tea Party criticism in the past, so its unlikely we’ll see the right wing take their advice there.

Everyone from JB Van Hollen to Scott Walker on down has criticized Wisconsin’s “liberal” voting laws while overlooking the greatest consequences: high voter turnout and government participation.

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]



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