More Jobs Coming to Wisconsin: WMC scare tactics = #epicfail

Once again despite the efforts of the states most notorious corporate tax loophole lobby group, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, more jobs are coming to Wisconsin.

Republic Airways to add up to 800 jobs in Milwaukee

This isnt the first company to do so either ” as I pointed out earlier, there have been quite a few companies relocating to the state, bringing good paying, family-supporting jobs.

The constant complaining from WMC about the business climate in the state is part of a strategy among right-wing organization in Wisconsin, along with groups like the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, WPRI and the MacIver Institute, to create an anti-tax environment in order to push lower taxes on the wealthy, more tax breaks for corporations and less public investment.

Unfortunately for the corporate honchos and banksters at WMC, WISTAX and WPRI, the continuous pattern of businesses coming to the state flies in the face of the scare tactics and shows that Wisconsin really is a great place to do business.

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