More of the McSame Hurts Wisconsin

As John McCain prepares to come to Wisconsin Friday, progressive leaders agree that McCain unfortunately offers more of the same. McCain has been one of the biggest supporters of the same failed policies of George W. Bush that have been a disaster for the nation and the State of Wisconsin. Wall to wall, McCain has supported everything from Bush’€™s unfair trade policies, tax cuts for the wealthy and Big Oil, privatizing Social Security, the endless war in Iraq, and opposition to affordable health care for all, just to name a few. These failed policies have delivered nothing but pain to all segments of the population and McCain has promised more of the same.

Here are a few comments by several Wisconsin leaders:

Sara Rogers, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO:

‘€œWe desperately need good, family-supporting jobs here in Wisconsin and throughout the nation, but on President Bush’€™s watch, we’€™ve lost more than three million good manufacturing jobs in this country. Senator McCain’€™s voting record clearly shows he’d continue this downward spiral. As a vocal supporter of NAFTA and other unfair trade deals, he’€™d do nothing to end the constant flow of our jobs overseas or to protect workers’€™ rights worldwide.’€

Rosemary Wehnes, Sierra Club Midwest Representative:

‘€œJohn McCain supports the same Bush policies and special interests that keep us in the grip of oil companies and have caused gas prices to skyrocket. The last thing we need is the McCain plan for $4 billion in tax cuts for Big Oil.’€

Linda Honold, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin:

‘€œWe are deeply concerned because John McCain has adopted George Bush’€™s wrongheaded, dangerous ideas about health care. The plan McCain has released will undermine employer-based health care insurance and leave Wisconsin families on their own with the insurance companies.’€

Carmen Marg-Patton, Political Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin:

‘€œSen. McCain’€™s and Gov. Palin’€™s approach to decreasing abortions in the United States by outlawing abortion is a continuation of the same old Bush-style anti-choice policies. Outlawing abortion won’t decrease the number of abortions; it will make abortion more difficult and dangerous for women. American women need commonsense policies to prevent unintended pregnancies and the need for abortion such as comprehensive sex education and ensuring health insurance companies cover contraception.’€

Leon Burzynski, President of the Alliance for Retired Americans Wisconsin:

 ’€œSocial Security has been one of the most successful programs in American history to provide help to those who need it most. I ask Sen. McCain to withdraw his support for a risky privatization scheme which could place nearly one million Wisconsinites at risk.’€

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