More scientists cleared of any wrong doing in “Climategate”

When the “TRUTH!!” about “THE CONSPIRACY!!!” behind “THE GLOBAL WARMING HOAX!!!” was finally “revealed,” right-wing groups and their cronies in the corporate media practically trampled each other in their excitement to report the PROOF that the fix was on when it came to global warming.


Wisconsin’s leading corporate public relations firm, sorry, right-wing think tank the MacIver Institute assumed the roll of the William Wallace of the global climate change deniers in Wisconsin, and charged full-speed-ahead with full-throated vigor with the Climategate story. Check out MacIver’s Brian Fraley pumping the Climategate emails as proof of the global warming fraud here.

Fast forward a few months.

And yet another report is out exonerating the scientists involved so-called ‘Climategate’ scandal. Check out a write up on the report here:

I suppose I shouldn’t be holding my breath for Fraley to issue a correction or an apology for putting the cart before the horse on this whole Climategate thing, right?

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