My Debate with Michael Gableman

Several newspapers have noted Michael Gableman’€™s inability to let go of his constantly repeated talking points. Even when a conservative paper tried to ask him about a case that he has used to criticize his opponent, he remained evasive. We can now see with less than a week to go, that Gableman simply refuses to answer any questions that depart from his script. The most recent examples were in his debate with Justice Louis Butler on Tuesday night and in an online chat on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website yesterday.

Having listened to Gableman constantly recite his memorized lines, I wondered what a debate with a less civil opponent might sound like. I came up with something like this:

CORY: Judge Gableman, we already know that you don’€™t like the decision in the lead paint case but can you tell me precisely why the decision was legally wrong?

GABLEMAN: I have spoken with many of the good people of this great state and they all tell me that they do not want a judge that legislates from the bench’€¦.

CORY: But I didn’€™t ask you about what the good people of this great state told you, I asked you exactly how the decision was legally flawed?

GABLEMAN: I have been endorsed by two former Supreme Court Justices and they have informed me in no uncertain terms’€¦

CORY: But what do YOU think Judge? What are YOUR legal arguments against the decision???

GABLEMAN: I’€™m proud to have received the endorsement of the vast majority of District Attorneys and Sheriffs across this great state.

CORY: I didn’€™t ask you about your endorsements! If you have such a big problem with the lead paint decision, then why did you support Justice Crooks months after he concurred with it?

GABLEMAN: There is a stark contrast between myself and my opponent. I am a former prosecutor and’€¦

CORY: Oh I give up! One last question.

GABLEMAN: ‘€¦my opponent has been a long-time’€¦

CORY: Polly want a cracker?

# # #

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