Nass Winning Jihad Against UW

Rep. Steve Nass has won.

A report by the conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance says Wisconsin had the lowest increase in higher education funding of any state in the country over the past five years — save for Michigan, which actually cut higher education.

Thanks, John Gard. Thanks Mike Huebsch. Putting Steve Nass in charge of college and university oversight has been spectacular.

It happens almost weekly, just like having to haul your garbage bags full of soiled infant diapers and spoiled leftovers, Steve Nass does something to hurt the quality of higher education in the state of Wisconsin.

Nass will thunder that it’s about holding the line for taxpayers.

That doesn’t really cut it for a guy, who according to a 2001 story, “bilked the taxpayers of nearly $2,000 since 1993 by exaggerating his mileage from home to the Capitol, claiming 52 miles rather than the true distance of 43 miles.” Federal law allows a legislator living more than 50 miles from the state Capitol to claim expenses for days when the legislature is in session.


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