Neumanns logo looks awfully familiar

I just checked out Mark Neumann’€™s logo, and I swear I’€™ve seen it before.

Oh yeah, I have (sort of). 

I’€™m not sure how this striking similarity is going to go over with his right-wing base who believe fervently in every brightly-colored, large-texted e-mail chain conspiracy claim about ‘€œBarack ‘€˜Barry Soetero’€™ Hussein Obama’€. Recall those ‘€œtheories’€ about the symbolism behind Obama’€™s logo, ranging from blatantly Muslim, to secretly Communist, and maybe something Kenyan (his birthplace), or Indonesian (his birthplace), ooh ooh and Naziist, for sure. Or maybe it’€™s an amalgamation of all of that. In any case, we have some new pop art, similarly unoriginal, to for Neumann.

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