New Audio: What Did Tommy Mean, Now?

Tommy!, Campaign Staff and Family Have Insulted Gays, Jews and Women, Question President's Birthplace

MADISON, Wis. — In advance of the second debate between U.S. Senate candidates Tommy Thompson and U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross wondered whom the subject of the Thompson campaign’s next offensive comment will be. New audio obtained by One Wisconsin Now raises even more questions about Thompson’s values.

Ross said, “No one has ever accused Tommy Thompson of being articulate, but he, his campaign and his family have taken it to another level this year.”

In his 2008 blink-and-you-missed-it Presidential run, Thompson agreed that an employer should be allowed to fire someone for being gay and apparently intended to compliment a group of Jewish activists by saying that making money was part of “the Jewish tradition”.

Thompson and associates’ blunders have continued as he runs for U.S. Senate. In fact, just days ago Thompson himself accused his opponent, raised by her Jewish grandfather, of being “anti-Jewish”.

But it doesn’t stop there. In a September 26 recording obtained by One Wisconsin Now, Thompson commented on the blown officiating call costing the Green Bay Packers a victory saying, “That was a Democrat ref… I also hear she was related to Tammy Baldwin” apparently suggesting ‘girls can’t referee’.

This bizarre statement is underscored by the fact Wisconsin has never had a woman as U.S. Senator and the National Football League has had just one female referee, Shannon Eastin, who broke the gender barrier as an NFL referee in a pre-season game between the Packers and the San Diego Chargers.

Those who Thompson has hired to help his campaign and his family have also gotten in on the act. A senior Thompson campaign staffer circulated a gay-baiting attack on his opponent. And, in recent days it has been reported that Thompson’s son, Jason, has on multiple occasions referenced the African nation of Kenya as President Obama’s true birthplace.

“Once is perhaps a slip of the tongue. Twice, raises eyebrows. But the consistent stream of insulting behavior from Tommy Thompson and those around him is pattern that raises serious questions about his judgment and his integrity,” concluded Ross.

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