New Television Ad From Scott Walker Confirms Career Politician Willing to Say Anything to Try to Win an Election

Desperate Re-election Bid Now Has Candidate Walker Seeking Credit for Fixing Program He’s Spent Years Trying to Break

MADISON, Wis. — As part of his increasingly desperate bid to rehabilitate his image and continue his quarter century long political career, Scott Walker today released a new campaign television ad.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross:

“The true message of Scott Walker’s latest ad is that this guy will say anything to try win an election.

“While he and his family have enjoyed full health care coverage on our dime for a quarter century, Scott Walker been playing politics with everyone else’s.

“Scott Walker’s pandering on health care cost thousands of Wisconsinites their coverage when he was running for president. And out of blind partisan loyalty he stood with Donald Trump and Paul Ryan when they were trying to repeal reforms that prohibited insurance companies from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions.

“Now Scott Walker is trying to sell us on the idea that he’s fixing something he’s spent years trying to break as part of his increasingly desperate scramble to get re-elected.”

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