No Surprise: Koschnick Caught Distorting AGAIN

If Randy Koschnick is one thing, he’€™s consistent.

Time and time again, he has grossly distorted Chief Justice Abrahamson’€™s record. Fortunately, we here at OWN are willing to do the due diligence and research that Koschnick has no interest in doing.

Randy Koschnick has claimed over and over again that Chief Justice Abrahamson ‘€œsides with criminals 60% of the time.’€ I’€™ve seen Koschnick at several events, and this is 60% number is a constant drum Koschnick beats over and over and over again.

Turns out Koschnick isn’€™t just consistent, he’€™s consistently wrong. One Wisconsin Now looked at over 4,000 decisions made by the Wisconsin Supreme Court during the current term of Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. Chief Justice Abrahamson sided with the state’€™s position on criminal cases more than 90% of the time.

Randy Koschnick was all too content to pick and choose the cases that would fit his false characterization of Chief Justice Abrahamson’€”but we did not. We looked at all types of criminal cases that came before the Supreme Court. And the facts are indisputable: either Randy Koschnick is grossly distorting Chief Justice Abrahamson’€™s record, or he just simply does not understand how the Wisconsin Supreme Court operates. Whatever the truth is, Randy Koschnick is on the wrong side of it.

But this isn’€™t the only time OWN has caught Koschnick with his hand in the ‘€˜Distortion Jar.’€™ Remember Koschnick’€™s breathless criticism of the Chief Justice taking contributions from lawyers? OWN once again did the research, and found that Koschnick took money from lawyers and then ruled on over 1,800 cases involving those lawyers. Koschnick even took money from the District Attorney in Jefferson County, guaranteeing that Koschnick would rule in cases involving a campaign contributor.  Koschnick didn’€™t recuse from those cases either. Funny how facts can get in the way like that!

Randy Koschnick has zero credibility on judicial ethics.
I’€™m beginning to wonder if he even knows what judicial ethics mean. Our justices must be help to the highest ethical standards, and Randy Koschnick has time and again broken the trust of the people of Wisconsin and shown that he’€™s all too willing to distort the facts for his own political gain. 



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