Nobody Benefits from U.S. Troops Dying Like Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney is a smug, pampered ghoul feasting on the shattered and breathless bones and flesh of America’s fallen soldiers. In any just society, she and Bill Kristol would be sterilized to end the multi-generational criminality both represent.

But such is not the case. Because America is both the greatest and most flawed nation on the planet, they are granted the freedom to be so wrong, so strident, so morally bankrupt. And make money from regurgitating their blathering wrongheadedness.
Now that her father has slithered back to the underworld to again suckle at the oil-seeping teat of Old Scratch, Liz is forcefully calling for more death to the sons, daughters, mothers and fathers who serve in our military.

Watching her and Kristol’s wild-eyed talk about American military involvement feels like a public pitch on the twosome’s plans for sadistic and endless orgy of war and death and an invitation to the other couples in the cul de sac to join their “turn your key” party.

The horrid irony of Liz Cheney’s preternatural attraction to increasing the number of dead American soldiers is that her actual existence was due to Dick Cheney’s desperate attempts to avoid military service.

Yep. Liz’s birth was the fifth way in which Dick deferred being drafted and sent to Vietnam.

On October 26, 1965, childless husbands were declared eligible for the draft. Prior to this, being married alone could get you out of going to Vietnam.

Nine months and two days later, July 28, 1966, Liz Cheney, Dick and Lynne’s first child, is born and Dick doesn’t have to go to war.

Again, the fifth of his deferments allowing him to duck the Vietnam War.

Can the media ask her about this glaring hypocrisy? Oh, yeah and could they ask why she’s somehow an expert on foreign policy? But then again, you could say the same thing about omnipresent, universally-wrong Kristol.

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