Non-ideological Taxpayers Alliance Echoes GOP Budget Talking Points

The non non-ideological conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance is once again showing its stripes — this time shooting out the same talking points being argued by the Republican members of the state’s budget writing committee.

As reported on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s politics blog, WTA head Todd Berry shipped out a newsletter complaining about what is contained in the proposed state budget.

Not coincidentally, Berry’s objections have enjoyed a steady reiteration again and again by the new face of GOP state budgeting, Robin Vos. That includes during today’s JFC exec session. Over and over.

One Wisconsin Now, which reported how the WTA’s Board of Director’s political candidate giving goes over 90 percent to Republicans, continues to question the media’s endless use of Todd Berry and the WTA as an alleged neutral third party when it comes to state tax policy.

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance is not another version of the non-ideological Legislative Fiscal Bureau. It is an ideological organization that through its communications advocates for conservative tax policy.

For the Wisconsin media, Todd Berry remains a sacred cow — unquestioned, untouchable. Sounds a lot like the unelected version of Paul Ryan.

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