Non-Judge Esenberg’s decision reaffirmed as correct

Yesterday, in this space, we took a very tiny poke at Rick Esenberg, Esquire, after WisPolitics announced Atty. Essenberg was not a candidate for the State Supreme Court.

We observed that for someone to get elected to the high court some time on the bench, somewhere, has been almost mandatory. And Esenberg has never been a judge of any kind, anywhere. So his decision not to run — if, in fact, he ever really considered it — was a judicious one, as yesterday’s headline said.

My three-sentence comment provoked Esenberg to write his own post, twice as long as my original, as well as posting a comment here.

His point? He didn’t issue any press release (I never said he had) or announce anything, but merely answered a question from WisPolitics. And yes, he had been asked to run by some “very good and influential people” but declined. (Illusory Tenant said it was blogster/commenter John Foust.)

Well, as we said yesterday, Esenberg made the right decision. Not only would the voters be unlikely to support a non-judge, but he’s clearly way too thin-skinned for the rough and tumble of a statewide campaign for office.

UPDATE: It must have been a slow news day, says Illusory Tenant, for this non-story to draw notice from two Journal Sentinel editorial types.

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