Note RPWs Quick Defense of Tommy! ” Terrence Wall Street Must Be Jealous

The Republican Party of Tommy! has registered its great displeasure with One Wisconsin Now’€™s press release from yesterday congratulating former Gov. Tommy Thompson on the incredible cashing in he’€™s done since leaving the corrupt Bush administration.

Tommy!, whose greatest achievement as Health and Human Services Secretary was helping the Bush Administration lie about the cost of the $8 trillion boondoggle called Medicare Part D, appears to have had his best financial year ever in 2008, according to tax records collected by One Wisconsin Now.
The Republican Party of Tommy! which has all but begged him to get into the U.S. Senate race and end the hapless campaign of tax-dodger Terrence Wall Street, issued a breathlessly hyperbolic five-alarm press release in defense of its former standard bearer yesterday in response to One Wisconsin Now’€™s congratulations to Tommy!s nouveau riche status.

What was almost amusing as the quick rebut in defense of tired Tommy! was the awkward attempt to compare Sen. Herb Kohl, who had a long and distinguished business career prior to entering public service with Tommy! who cashed in on his HHS rolodex faster than T Wall can hop on a corporate tax shelter.

But then again, isn’€™t cashing in on your rolodex ‘€œpart of the Bush Administration tradition‘€?

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