Note to Sheldon Wasserman: Grover Norquist is a Knob

Despite his long fealty to an annoying no new taxes pledge, Sheldon Wasserman discovered the hard truth that Grover Norquist’€™s Americans for Tax Reform is nothing but a shill group for Republicans.

Y’€™know, Republicans like convicted crook Jack Abramoff and moral sleazebags like Ralph Reed, and well, Norquist himself ‘€“ all long associated with ATR.

It should be no surprise to Sheldon that even though he provided slavish service to Norquist’€™s no tax deal where no taxes are ever raised on anyone, Norquist would stick it to Sheldon.

Rather than defend Sheldon’€™s stand against taxes, Norquist, who famously referred to bipartisanship as a ‘€œform of date rape,’€ crafted a tortured brand of logic to distort Sheldon’€™s no new taxes stance to try and benefit his opponent Alberta Darling.

Before he keeps insisting we can’€™t raise any new taxes, Sheldon should read the new report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office showing that 57 of all domestic companies paid no federal income tax for at least one year in the period between 1998 and 2005 and 42 percent paid no tax for two full years. This despite $2.5 trillion in sales for these same companies weaseling out on their obligations to the rest of us.

Sheldon may think by opposing any and all tax increases he’€™s helping his constituents, but he simply has to accept that sometime taxes have to be increased. Sheldon may not want to raise any taxes ever, but that’€™s just not a formula that long-term is going to help us.

How about, Sheldon, we raise taxes just on corporations, big oil or those at the top of the wealth chain who have benefited so much from the reckless Bush tax cuts?


Sheldon needs to dump the no new tax pledge pronto.

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