Now he tells us: Sykes agrees Gableman ’embarrassing’ candidate

Even Charlie Sykes, who has no shame, is embarrassed — not by the kind of campaign that WMC and Mike Gableman ran, but by the candidate. He posts this comment from someone he calls a “savvy listener”:

Shame on conservatives from letting 2006 hangover result in putting up such a completely lame slate of candidates. Gleisner-Neubauer, (and even Gableman) were embarrassing choices to have on the ballot, and were the result of Republicans moping around buying into the “death of the party” woe is me message the MSM has been spinning

Embarrassing indeed. The beneficiary of WMC’S slimy largesse is someone who wouldn’t make a pimple on Louis Butler’s rear end.

Last year, you could make the argument — ideology and ethics aside — that Annette Ziegler and Linda Clifford were relatively well-matched in terms of intellect, experience and ability to serve.

No one can say that about Gableman and Butler.

That’s the real tragedy. Not money in politics, or the influence of third-party groups, or even the misleading or outright false campaign against Butler.

The people elected a lightweight for a 10-year term. He’ll probably be there for 30.

Think Sykes was too embarrassed to vote for him? He certainly wasn’t too embarrassed to shill for him.

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