Now We Know

When Michael Gableman refused to sign a clean campaign pledge that simply sought to reinforce the judicial code, I wondered what he had in mind in this race for our high court. Now we know, he is intent on dragging it into the lowest gutter.

Michael Gableman did not use his very first ad to properly introduce himself to Wisconsinites, instead he produced his very own ‘€œWillie Horton’€ ad. As a matter of fact, Gableman’€™s first ad spends much more time throwing mud than it does telling why he is qualified for the job. Most of the ad doesn’€™t even picture him for goodness sake!

With a wink and a nod Gableman has suggested that he doesn’€™t like the idea of outside groups running ads in this race. Now we know why, because he is perfectly willing to get much more dirty than all of them.

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