Obama 2 – Louisiana GOPers Zilch

GOPer Charles Boustany had the awesome job of following President Barack Obama’s historic clarion call to end the stranglehold health insurance companies have on the nation. Boustany, like Gov. Bobby Jindal last year,  was dispatched to offer the marginalized Party of No’s latest no.

Boustany, bought and paid for with $1.25 million in health and insurance interests, shared the Republican idea for health insurance reform: less accountability to the public. Clearly, he wasn’t as big of an ass of Rep. Joe Wilson (R-South Carolina), who shouted “you lie” and will become extremely famous for a few weeks as the poster child for just how out of touch Congressional Republicans have become.Couple fun facts on Boustany:
* A birther
* Sued for malpractice three times
* Scammed when he tried to buy the title “Lord”
* Used a state-financed helicopter to fly to churches across Louisiana

So there you have it: The terms of this debate. On one side, a President ready to act at long last on historic health insurance reform. On the other side, ridiculous obstructionism, boorish heckling and the embarrassing texting of GOP House Whip Eric Cantor, who may well have been texting Young Gun Paul Ryan that the GOP may have declared victory against health insurance reform just a might bit too soon.

(Fact check: The last fun fact was actually about Jindal.)

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