Once Again, Walker Violating Campaign Finance Laws; This Time Over $120,000 in Improperly Reported Contributions

MADISON, Wis. — Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign failed to report the required employer information of donors giving him over $120,000 – the second time in a year he has filed a report with this level of inaccuracy. Under chapter 11.60(1) of the Wisconsin Statutes, each violation can result in a $500 civil forfeiture, which could top well over $165,000 in Walker’s case.

“When Scott Walker did this in 2009, we were led to believe it would be the last time,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “It took Scott Walker less than a year to break his promise and become a repeat offender.”

According to Walker’s finance report for the January to June 30, 2010 filing period, Walker has 300 contributions in excess of $100 which do not include the proper employer information for these high-dollar donors under the state’s campaign finance law.

Walker’s widespread reporting negligence this period includes:

  • Twenty-seven contributions of $1,000 or more, totaling $32,000;
  • 198 contributions of $250 but less than $1,000, totaling $69,940;
  • 105 contributions over $100 but less than $250 totaling more than $18,945.

A similar One Wisconsin Now review of the most recent reports filed by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett finds no violations and 41 suspect contributions for former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann totaling $18,826.

This is not the first time Walker’s campaign finances have been the subject of controversy. In addition to his 2009 original report infractions, Walker said he would return $43,800 in contributions after it was revealed the individuals who made the contributions had a business reimburse them for these donations.

“Scott Walker has built his political career by denying public services to those in need and demanding prison time for repeat offenders,” said Ross. “Scott Walker needs to apologize to the people of Wisconsin and immediately return every dime of these contributions as a self-inflicted penalty for his recidivism.”

One Wisconsin Now said it would be filing a formal complaint with the state’s Government Accountability Board if Walker does not immediately bring its report into compliance with the law.

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