One Simple Question Gov. Walker Must Answer: Are You Still Doing It?

Recently Released Court Documents Reveal Walker at Center of Conspiracy to Evade State Law in 2010 and 2012 Elections

MADISON, Wis. — Court documents from the latest John Doe criminal investigation of Gov. Walker reveal he was at the center of what was described as a national “criminal scheme” to evade campaign laws. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said there is one simple question Gov. Walker must answer as his 2014 and beyond campaigns heats up: “Are you still doing it?”

“No one is disputing what happened. Gov. Walker raised money for his own campaigns in 2010 and 2012 while also shaking down donors for unlimited, secret contributions to outside groups that acted under the direction of and in coordination with his campaign,” said Ross. “The question Gov. Walker needs to answer is whether or not he’s still doing it in 2014.”

Among the bombshell revelations contained in previously secret court filings was that prosecutors believe Gov. Walker himself was a central figure in directing the fundraising and strategy scheme. In fact Walker went so far as to email George W. Bush political strategist and head of a massive national GOP money machine, Karl Rove, that, “Bottom-line: R.J. helps keep in place a team that is wildly successful in Wisconsin.”

Despite Walker’s and other defense attorneys arguing that no laws were violated, in the court filings prosecutors noted that the national affiliate of the Wisconsin Club for Growth expressed concern about coordinated activities with Walker’s campaign.

Ross concluded, “Gov. Walker can no longer pretend he is above the cronyism, corruption and incompetence that have marred his administration. It’s time for him to come clean with the people of Wisconsin about whether or not he’s going to put an end to it.”

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