One Wisconsin Now Calls for Reprimand of Charlie Sykes Over Dishonesty

Report Suggests Right Wing Radio Talker May Have Knowingly Misled Listeners

MADISON, Wis. — In a letter to Journal Communications CEO Steven Smith, One Wisconsin Now called for a public reprimand of right-wing radio show host Charlie Sykes for his for his conduct related to the “John Doe” criminal investigation of Gov. Walker’s close aides and associates.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “We all know Mr. Sykes is a political propagandist and entertainer, not a news reporter. But his actions in this matter have gone beyond “spin”. He intentionally and knowingly misled listeners.”

As reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Wednesday, Mr. Sykes received potentially improperly leaked information related to the secret probe from an attorney for a target of the investigation. Yet, at the same time, Mr. Sykes used his radio program to attack the integrity of the Milwaukee County District Attorney and investigators by accusing them of leaking information.

“Failing to reprimand Mr. Sykes for his behavior would be tantamount to sanctioning his actions. We’re calling on Journal Communications to take swift action and send a strong message that their employees ought not use their company resources to intentionally spread falsehoods to benefit the partisan political figures that employee supports,” concluded Ross.

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