One Wisconsin Now Calls on Gov. Walker to Denounce Outrageous Rape Comments of Right Wing Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh

‘No Context in Which These Despicable Comments Are Acceptable’

MADISON, Wis. — Right wing radio talk show host and Scott Walker for President enthusiast Rush Limbaugh today suggested that Walker should proclaim that he left Marquette University without a degree, “because I don’t want to be accused of rape down the road.”

According to the audio clip posted by the website Media Matters, Limbaugh went on to say that, “any man who goes to college could randomly be accused of committing rape.”

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross regarding the outrageous comments of right wing radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh:

“There is no context or civilized society in which the despicable comments of Rush Limbaugh are acceptable.

“Gov. Walker must immediately denounce Limbaugh for his words and the flippant attitude toward violence against women that they demonstrate.

“Allowing Limbaugh to go unchallenged amounts to Gov. Walker ceding any moral authority to talk about violence towards women.”

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