One Wisconsin Now Calls on Racine County Sheriff and District Attorney to Release Results of Senate Recall Election “Investigation”

MADISON, Wis. — With a recount confirming and the Government Accountability Board certifying the results of the June 5th election for the 21st Senate District, One Wisconsin Now Executive director Scot Ross called on the Racine County Sheriff and District Attorney to make public the results of an investigation of the conduct of the election. Ross noted that the investigation was based, at least in part, on allegations made by a local GOP activist.

“Republican appointees and campaign contributors convening an ‘investigation’ of an election lost by a Republican, based on the complaints of a Republican activist, looks a lot more like a partisan shenanigans than a legitimate inquiry,” said Ross. “They owe the people of Racine County answers and they owe it to them now.”

According to recent press reports, the Sheriff and District Attorney are refusing to reveal what, if anything, they found in the course of their so-called investigation, claiming the matter is still “open.”

The Racine County District Attorney was appointed by Gov. Walker, endorsed the losing GOP candidate and sent him a campaign contribution less than a month before the election. The Racine County Sheriff in charge of the so-called investigation also endorsed the losing GOP candidate and is a donor to the local Republican Party and other GOP officials.

Ross noted that the GOP continues to perpetuate the myth of widespread fraud despite similar investigations failing to uncover any. In 2008, for example, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen conducted a much-heralded investigation and found all of 14 improper votes out of the 3 million cast. By comparison there were 40 UFO sightings reported in Wisconsin that same year.

He concluded, “The unidentified flying object in Racine is the complete lack of any proof to back up the reckless charges about the election being thrown around by now former Senator Wanggaard and GOP activists. But this is what happens every election: baseless allegations by the Republicans claiming voter fraud that are proven time and time again to be complete and total lies.”

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