One Wisconsin Now Demands Real Solutions to Student Loan Debt Crisis

Rep. Murphy Latest Example of Republicans Continuing to Play Politics With Student Loan Borrowers

MADISON, Wis. — In testimony Thursday regarding the need to address Wisconsin’s growing student loan debt crisis, One Wisconsin Now executive director Scot Ross and program director Analiese Eicher reiterated the need for real reforms to help all student loan borrowers, like allowing student debt to be refinanced just like you can a mortgage, and rejected the Republican proposals which will not help to lower borrowers’ monthly payments.

Instead of working to help borrowers, in a press release issued yesterday Rep. Dave Murphy doubled-down on support for Gov. Walker’s woefully incomplete college affordability measures supported by legislative Republicans.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements in response:

“If Rep. Dave Murphy thinks it’s playing politics to allow the state’s one million student loan borrowers the chance to refinance their loans, like you can a mortgage, at competitive market rates, he must have even less faith in Gov. Walker’s failed Wisconsin economy than the 10,000 people who got layoff notices last year.

“One Wisconsin Now remains concerned that Rep. Dave Murphy, Gov. Walker and the entire Republican legislative caucus continue to oppose the student loan refinancing plan that will cost taxpayers nothing, while reducing the $19 billion student debt crisis in Wisconsin.

“There is only one solution to help borrowers lower monthly payments – refinancing. Unfortunately, Rep. Dave Murphy would rather play politics than deliver real reform and a fair shot at the middle class that borrowers have earned. One Wisconsin Now makes no apology for rejecting this partisan attempt to score political points while utterly failing to deliver meaningful help to Wisconsin borrowers.”

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