One Wisconsin Now Goes Rogue — First Palin Milwaukee Audio Clip Available Here

Sarah Palin came to Wisconsin Friday to stump for Wisconsin Right to Life, but desperately opposed having a record of her remarks made public.

The rules were clear: No video recording, no audio recording, no strollers (why does Sarah hate children?), no phones, nada. Anyone coming to the event had to buy a ticket online ahead of time, and audience members had to pass through metal detector wands to ensure no one snuck in a contraband recording device. Or a stroller.

Well, that seemed like a challenge.

With the impending vote in Congress on health insurance hours away and coverage for reproductive rights under assault, One Wisconsin Now thought it critical to learn about what the right wing’€™s most influential intellectual voice had to say about this issue.

But we learned so much more.

For the first time, audio on the greatest threat facing America, its people and democracy.

Take it away, Sarah.

Editor’s Note: The alarming change to change noted by the scholarly Palin, was done during the Bush administration, not in the less-than-one year of the Obama administration.

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