One Wisconsin Now Letter Asks Darling to Document Cases of Voter Impropriety

GOP Leader Claimed Prevention of In Person Voter Fraud Would Have Delivered Over 200,000 Votes to Romney

MADISON, Wis. — Following her television appearance Sunday in which leading Republican State Senator Alberta Darling claimed a lack of voter identification law caused Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to lose Wisconsin, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross today sent a letter to Darling asking her to provide the list of documented cases of improper votes cast in recent elections.

“Since 2006, over 14 million votes have been cast in the state of Wisconsin, so Sen. Darling’s list of voter impersonators should be quickly accessible,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Well, it would be if her claim wasn’t a complete and total falsehood. The simple fact is: the only fraud is partisan politicians like Alberta Darling manipulating the laws to disenfranchise legal voters to serve her political goals.”

A copy of the letter sent today to Darling is pasted below and also available here.

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Sen. Darling,

Having watched your appearance on November 11, 2012 edition of “UpFront with Mike Gousha,” I was alarmed by your comments that if Wisconsin’s Voter ID law had not been blocked for the 2012 elections, Mitt Romney may have won the state.

Let me start by saying, I can understand the want for a leading Republican elected official like yourself to try and explain away how your party’s presidential candidate and home-state vice presidential candidate performed so poorly, despite the unprecedented and untruthful smear campaign launched by the various billionaire-funded SuperPACs at Gov. Romney’s disposal.

As you know, President Obama won our state by over 205,200 votes, which is slightly more than the entire population of Green Bay and Kenosha combined. Do you really believe that 205,200 people, who voted for President Obama, impersonated other voters without so much as a single reported instance of a voter being denied the right to vote because someone had voted “for them” already?

As an elected official charged with upholding the public trust, I find it unseemly you would so irresponsibly repeat such an easily proven falsehood.

Despite the impossibility that President Obama’s margin of victory came through voter impersonation that Voter ID was not around to prevent, you still assert that the Voter ID law would have helped Mitt Romney to win. Logically then, you must believe that the Voter ID law would have disenfranchised over 205,000 qualified Wisconsin electors whom you presumed would be voting for the President.

Your comments appear to be an admission that the true purpose and effect of the Voter ID law was not to prevent voter fraud but, rather, to impede, hinder, and discourage the exercise of the constitutional right to vote by qualified Wisconsin citizens.

To speak so affirmatively about this epidemic, as you see it, of voter impropriety, I would think you could provide me in a short amount of time the number of documented cases of voter impersonation in Wisconsin in the last several elections and the citations showing such. If you could send this information along at your earliest convenience to the address below, I would be grateful. Please note that we will be asking many of your colleagues, who so forcefully aver the massive voter impropriety myth, to provide this information as well. If they do so before you have responded to me, I will happily pass it along to your staff.


Scot Ross
Executive Director
One Wisconsin Now

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