One Wisconsin Now Members’ Message to the Tea Party: ‘I AM My Brother’s Keeper’

Positive Messages Featured on Mobile Billboard at State Capitol Thursday

MADISON, Wis. — Citizens from across Wisconsin have joined One Wisconsin Now in sending a decisive message to the Tea Party and conservative elected officials who want less investment in the middle class and less support for children and working families: “I AM My Brother’s Keeper.” One Wisconsin Now will display responses of its members who participated in a statewide online survey about why America works on a mobile billboard at the state capitol Thursday.

“Wisconsinites are tired of the anger and resentment coming from the Tea Party and poll-watching politicians, and they want real solutions that invest in jobs and the middle class,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “From across the state, One Wisconsin Now’s members have said America can meet the challenges we face if we work together and look out for each other.”

A sample of the responses which will be displayed on the billboard:

* “God Bless America and all people, rich or poor.” – Colleen, La Crosse
* “I love that our country takes care of young children and families who need support.” – Stacey, Portage
* “Differing opinions are a part of our Democracy, intimidation is not. – Vivien, Hales Corner
* “I’m proud of Wisconsin’s social services.” – Joanne, Bayfield
* “Taxes pay for roads, utility infrastructure, and our military. America is worth paying for.” – Evelyn, Madison
* “Health care for all – even you.” – Greg, Hudson
* “How’s the wacky fringy thing working out for you?” – Dan, Mequon
* “I understand your frustrations. The problem is corporations, not ‘the government.’” – James, Baldwin

One Wisconsin Now hopes the contest will focus attention on the critical public investments Americans have made working together to create the middle class and support the American Dream.

“Coming from a family of teachers, my message is ‘Public schools are worth fighting for,’” said Ross. “We have to remember that the middle class was built by deliberate decisions to empower working Americans.”

One Wisconsin Now will have videos and footage from the event, including reaction to its billboard on its website, as well as Twitter and Facebook. One Wisconsin Now will continue to remind the public about the important of community involvement and working towards its vision for a Wisconsin with equal economic opportunity for all.

“The investments in our neighborhoods and are communities are why America serves as a shiny example to the world,” said Ross. “We are all our brothers’ and our sisters’ keepers.”

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As A Project Of A Better Wisconsin Together, We're Fighting For A Wisconsin With Equal Economic Opportunity For All