One Wisconsin Now Report Documents Wisconsin GOP’s Fight Against the Right To Vote

Right Wing's Assault on Democracy Built on Unfounded Accusations and Innuendo

MADISON, Wis. — In advance of the April 2nd elections, One Wisconsin Now has issued a report cataloging recent state Republican efforts to manipulate state law to gain electoral advantage. In addition, the report exposes the utter lack of evidence to back up the GOP claims of voting impropriety used to justify their efforts to impose law changes whose consequences include impairing the franchise in Wisconsin.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “Wisconsin Republicans have time and again attacked our laws and the state constitution itself in their quest for partisan political power. This report exposes their nefarious schemes and the fallacies of their anti-voting rhetoric.”

The report documents a laundry list of anti-voter initiatives that would make voting more inconvenient to outright impossible for thousands of legal Wisconsin voters ranging from 2010’s voting caging plot through recent months threats to same day voter registration and proposals to limit the hours of early voting.

While the GOP has attempted to justify new restrictions on voting by claiming widespread voting impropriety in the state, OWN’s report reveals that when asked to provide proof to back up their claims, nearly every state Republican legislator was forced to admit they had none.

Ross concluded, “Our report exposes the real electoral fraud occurring in Wisconsin today — the coordinated, sustained campaign by Republicans to manipulate state law to gain partisan advantage for themselves.”

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