One Wisconsin Now Requests District Attorney Interview Senator Glenn Grothman Regarding Voting Impropriety Claims

Does Grothman Have Proof? Or Are His Allegations the Real Fraud?

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross has requested the Washington County District Attorney interview State Senator Glen Grothman, under oath, to determine what, if any, factual information the Senator has regarding serious allegations of voting impropriety he recently made during a radio interview.

Ross commented, “We all care about making sure our elections are free and fair. If Senator Grothman believes he has concrete evidence of improper voting, it is incumbent upon him to bring that evidence to the proper authorities.”

In a radio interview on November 15th on WTDY, Grothman indicated that he believed that at least some of President Obama’s roughly 200,000 vote margin of victory in Wisconsin was partially the result of improper voting.

He went on to say that ” … the question is whether it’s good that people who live in Illinois vote in Wisconsin” and that ” … there are some members of the Democratic Party that who, um, like to get a few extra votes here and there.”

“In the event Senator Grothman has been too busy to bring forward any evidence he may have to back up his allegations, we are asking local authorities to make it easier for the Senator to do so by reaching out to him,” said Ross.

Grothman is one of the most vocal right-wing politicians seeking to make voting more difficult in Wisconsin, supporting a state voter ID law, ruled unconstitutional by two Wisconsin Circuit Court judges, and advocating for the elimination of the same day voter registration law that allowed nearly 1.5 million voters to cast a ballot over the last three November general elections.

In response to similar allegations of voting impropriety by Senators Frank Lasee in 2011 and Alberta Darling in 2012, One Wisconsin Now requested the Senators provide the evidence upon which their claims were made. To date they have neither responded nor produced any evidence.

Ross concluded, “If Senator Grothman can’t produce any concrete proof to back up his allegations, it will be clear that he is the one perpetrating fraud, just another politician trying to change the rules on voting for his partisan, political benefit.”

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