One Wisconsin Now Responds to Presumed Presidential Candidate Gov. Scott Walker’s State of the State Address

Despite Rosy Rhetoric Facts Show Wisconsin Under Walker and GOP is a State 'In Need of Improvement'

MADISON, Wis. — To no one’s surprise, presumed candidate for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination Gov. Scott Walker painted a rosy picture of Wisconsin under his administration. In response, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross offered a rebuttal on behalf of the 75,000 online supporters of One Wisconsin Now and people everywhere not using Wisconsin as a stepping-stone to advance their personal political aspirations for the presidency.

“We see Wisconsin as a state in need of improvement,” commented Ross. “Our schools and workforce are among the best in the nation. But the facts show Scott Walker has failed to deliver, leaving us with lagging job growth and stagnant wages.”

Ross went on to note that there is a better way and that Wisconsin must return to a time when it was respected for policy innovation instead of notorious for political scandal and partisan polarization.

He concluded, “Gov. Walker may have chosen his own political ambitions over us. But together we can make our voices heard, fight for what’s best for our families and communities and move the great state of Wisconsin forward.”

NOTE: A video of the One Wisconsin Now rebuttal is available at A transcript of Ross’ prepared remarks can be found at

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