One Wisconsin Now Says, “You Gotta Vote!”

The Extremists and Special Interests Win Every Time if People Stay Home on Election Day

MADISON, Wis. — A new online ad from One Wisconsin Now is targeting voters who care about issues like reproductive rights, student loan debt, marriage equality, minimum wage, worker and minority rights and clean government and reminding them that if they want to have their voices heard, “you gotta vote.”

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “People all across Wisconsin care deeply about the issues that affect them and their communities. We have a simple message for them — if you want your voice to be heard, then you gotta vote.”

In their ad One Wisconsin Now highlights some of the outrageous statements and policy positions of conservative politicians in office and on the ballot including:

  • Support for repealing the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (State Sen. Glenn Grothman, Republican 6th Congressional District candidate);
  • Banning abortion, even in cases of rape or incest (Rep. Paul Ryan, Republican 1st Congressional District);
  • Opposing allowing student loan borrowers to refinance their student loan debt, just like you can with a mortgage (Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson);
  • Terming a wealthy donor directing a state legislator to draft legislation to reduce the donor’s child support, “the essence of representative government” (Brad Schimel, Republican Attorney General candidate);
  • Comparing marriage equality to marrying furniture or animals (Republican Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch).

A selection of Gov. Walker’s divisive and disastrous record and statements are also featured including his stripping the workplace rights of 175,000 Wisconsinites, cutting education funding and hiking college tuition, supporting a ban on marriage equality, calling efforts to raise the minimum wage a, “political stunt”, hiding his extreme views on reproductive health and the ongoing criminal investigations of political corruption of his close aides and associates.

Ross concluded, “The extremists and special interests win every time if people stay home on Election Day. It’s real simple, if you want a say in your community and you want your government to represent your views, ‘you gotta vote.’”

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